This exquisite line, the Sadako Sasaki Peace Crane Collection© was inspired by a 12 year old girl from Japan. Click here if you are not familiar with the famous story of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.

You can see the fine lines of a folded origami crane on even the smallest of pieces, as the molds for the jewelry are created from actual origami cranes folded by renowned origami artist, Won Park.

The collection is commissioned by the Pacific Historic Parks, and comes to you as a symbol of peace to wear or display. Direct approval and permission to produce this line has been granted by Sadako’s brother, Masahiro Sasaki, a peace activist. He sees the collection as a means to promote peace awareness and as a way to carry on the legacy of Sadako’s wish or children to be healthy, and for there to be world peace. A piece has been donated, and is on display at the Smithsonian Museum. a percentage of all sales go towards non-profit.

This exclusive collection is just a small part of a current, ongoing referendum in the United States towards recognizing the “Peace Crane” as the national symbol of peace.

Available in solid 14K yellow, white, rose or green gold, with additional options to create two tone and custom pieces. Custom orders will also be taken for pieces to be produced in silver.

Please note that all orders are fulfilled by

Sadako Peace Crane Collection© Online Jewelry Sales
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